Some of the Cakes!

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Glastonbury themed cake

sponge cake with Glastonbury themed decoration

2 tier lilac and silver cake

2 tier sponge in lilac and silver, with hidden a stash of chocolates when cut open

dogs on blanket

sponge cake decorated with sugar paste models of the recipients 2 dogs

Irish themed birthday cake

Ireland shaped cake, with irish themed accessories

2 tier 21st cocktail

2 tier cake decorated with edible paper music, and sugar paste billows, finished with a cocktail glass filled with edible silver balls

Ford Fiesta cake

sponge cake shaped like a Ford Fiesta

Male interests birthday cake

A trip to Australia, golf, scuba diving, and accountancy inspired this cake

Pastillage Masquerade assignment piece

mask, fan and book made of pastillage on a music sheet decorated board

Book cake

a special Brer Rabbit storybook cake for an 80th birthday