Some of the Cakes!

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Formula 1 car

vanilla sponge racing car with Lewis Hamilton decor

Strawberry pink

strawberry flavoured sponge with Italian meringue buttercream in 3 shades of pink

chocolate and car

small chocolate cake with chocolate sweets and sugar car topper

Dual Vegan Cake

vegan sponge cake for two birthday boys - a football and a rugby fan

Music & Flowers

A square sponge decorated with music and flowers

Knitters cake

sponge cake decorated with sugar paste knitting and accessories

small chocolate lover

small chocolate cake surrounded by chocolate fingers & filled with chocolate sweets

Handbag & make up

simple handbag shaped sponge cake, with sugar paste make up accessories

Chocolate lover

Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate fingers, and chocolate sweets - what more could you ask for?!